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Savinelli is my favorite maker of machined briar pipes.  The term "factory pipe" is used to describe pipes not made entirely by hand, typically in an assembly-line fashion.  However, I'm really hesitant to use that term for a company like Savinelli, that makes such marvelous looking and smoking pipes! From their most expensive offerings, all the way down to their least expensive, Savinelli makes incredible smoking instruments.  The Series III pipes are the cheapest pipes Savinelli makes that bears their stamp, and they still live up to the name. 

Savinelli Series III pipes are unfinished and un-fancy.  They started out as various Savinelli shapes for different lines, and were pulled from the batch for various cosmetic reasons such as a small void, or an opening in the grain. Rather than being destroyed, as is the case with other briar pieces with more functional issues, these were sanded as smooth as possible and fitted with a non-filtered vulcanite stem and are sold in an "unfinished" state.  What this means is that these are still very good smoking, well-drilled and stamped Savinelli pipes, without staining or waxing...just with a little cosmetic flaw or two to give them a bit of character.  This provides a wonderful smoking instrument at a very reasonable value that has the potential to smoke even cooler than your more expensive pipes, because they have no finish barriers to hold in heat.  In addition, these pipes have the side-benefit of coloring to a dark brown over time as they are smoked!

If you haven't tried out a Savinelli pipe yet, a Series III pipe is the perfect introduction to this brand.  If you're like me, your first Savinelli definitely won't be your last! 
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