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Rattray's Pipes & Tampers in Stock Now at The Pipe Nook!
It's no secret that the Rattray's Beltane's Fire pipes are my favorite. I reach for my Beltane's Fire pipe so much that I'm considering adding a second to my collection in a different finish. The shape is just perfect to me: Medium-sized bowl, elegant curves, stout shank, beautiful stem that makes for an excellent "hanger." And speaking of the stem, the Beltane's Fire pipes come with 3 stems (black, yellow, red). I have a favorite colored stem that I use most of the time, but I'm glad I can swap out the stem when the mood strikes. Rattray's pipes in general, and the Beltane's Fire pipes in particular, have become more and more difficult to keep in stock...I think word is getting out about these wonderful pipes. Well, I'm happy to say that I'm currently sitting on a pretty good offering of Rattray's pipes, including the Beltane's Fire series!

In addition, I've added Rattray's Thin Caber Tampers to the site in 12 different designs! These tampers are well-engineered and balanced to perform as great as they look!  The foot is curved slightly for those who prefer a convex shape to the top of their tobacco while burning, and the top can be removed to present a hidden pick tool for emptying out dottle at the end of your smoke. I've been using one for many months now, and I'm happy to finally have the chance to offer them to you!

Keep 'em lit,
Eddie Gray

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