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Savinelli Roma Lucite 9mm Pipes Now at The Pipe Nook!
Anyone who spends 5 minutes talking to me about pipe smoking learns that I'm a huge fan of 9mm filtered pipes. 9mm Charcoal filters greatly alleviate (and in most cases, completely eradicate) the issue of tongue bite for me without affecting the taste of the tobacco in any detrimental way. I couldn't enjoy pipe smoking nearly as much as I do without them. 

This year, Savinelli has introduced 6mm charcoal filters, which allows their 6mm standard version pipes to be enjoyed in much the same way. However, I do have to say that for me, if given the preference, I'd still take a 9mm filtered pipe over a 6mm filtered one. It's always bugged me that many pipe manufacturers don't offer 9mm filtered pipes outside of the European market. Well today, I'm helping to change that. 

I'm happy to announce that most of the Savinelli Roma Lucite pipes I have in stock at The Pipe Nook now have both 6mm and 9mm versions available to purchase! When I sell out of a particular 9mm version of a shape, it will unfortunately take more time to get it back in stock than the 6mm versions, since they are special orders. But I'll do my very best to keep as many of these in stock as possible!

This is a new day dawning at The Pipe Nook. If these Roma Lucite 9mm pipes do well (and I think they will), I'll be offering 9mm versions of other Savinelli pipes soon!

Keep 'em lit,
Eddie Gray
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