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Dagner Cob Poker and the Cobbit Series at The Pipe Nook!
It's no secret that I love my cobs.  I'm a proud member of the Corn Cob Nation, as well as the recently formed Cob Mob. And while only about 10% of my personal pipe collection is comprised of corn cob pipes, I find I reach for a cob about half the time I smoke.  Why?  There are many reasons, but they boil down to this: Cobs are easy.  Easy to smoke and easy to maintain, without losing any of the taste that my briars offer. And if I lose one, well...I would be saddened, but it's just a cob.  They're inexpensive and easy to replace. 

It's also no secret that many pipe smokers look down on the humble corn cob pipe.  Most of them aren't going to win any beauty awards or high praise for fit and finish.  But what if there were slightly more pricey cob models with better appointments, yet still much cheaper than the average briar? 

The Pipe Nook is pleased to introduce the Dagner Cob Poker, and the Cobbit series! 

Designed by Jayson Dagner of Dagner Pipes, the Cob Poker is a beauty as well as a workhorse. Designed to be an excellent travel companion, its compact dimensions allow for stowage in a shirt pocket or saddlebag, while at the same time providing for a medium-length smoke. It's a sitter, allowing for you to set it down if necessary without the need for a pipe stand. And it has a few appointments new to the Missouri Meerschaum company, including a nickel accent band, a Custom Cob stamp on the bottom, and a comfortable, Italian-made Acrylic push bit.  With the advent of the Dagner Cob Poker, anyone can afford a Dagner designed pipe!

The Cobbit series takes a different approach, and introduces cob smokers to another type of pipe for their cob collection: The Churchwarden.  Themed after the greatly loved books set in Middle Earth by J.R.R. Tolkien, these are the kinds of pipes to enjoy a leisurely smoke on your favorite hilltop in the Shire, or your backyard.  The Dwarf is more of a semi-churchwarden and sports the smallest bowl, while the Shire and Elf pipes are a bit longer with larger bowls. Like the Dagner cob, all three of these models feature a dark stained finish and a hardwood insert at the bottom of the bowl.  What sets these apart the most, however, are the long, Italian-made Vulcanite stems.

With such exciting new models, it truly is a wonderful time to be a cob smoker! If you've never smoked a cob, check one out and see what you've been missing!

Keep 'em lit,
Eddie Gray
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