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BriarWorks was founded Nashville, Tennessee in 2012 as the first pipe manufacturing facility to open in the US in decades. Since then, they've moved to a new home in Columbia, TN just south of Nashville, and have become a hub for pipe smoking enthusiasts. They produce high-quality pipes on site, and operate a lounge where pipe and cigar smokers alike can come and enjoy a pipe or cigar, drink in hand, and solve the problems of the world...or at least make the world seem less problematic for a time.

Beyond that, they have partnered with Cornell & Diehl to produce a line of extraordinary pipe tobaccos. Unique for various reasons, not the least of which is the fact that they are packaged in canning jars, which many pipe smokers use for long-term storage. These blends feature flavor profiles and names that call to mind food, drinks, and imagery that have a distinctly southern flair. Including aromatic, non-aromatic, and English blends, there's quite a variety to choose from!