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What is your shipping policy?
I ship via the United States Postal Service. Shipping is variable, depending on the size of what is ordered, but is usually $5 to $7 for First Class (typically 4 to 5 days),  or $8 to $10 for Priority Mail (typically 2 to 3 days) within the United States. I currently cannot accept orders outside of the US. Actual shipping charges are made available in your cart prior to checkout. If shipping for your order is more than what I charge to ship (which is often the case), I cover the rest. The more you purchase, the more you'll save on shipping, so be sure to stuff that cart full!  :)

Where can you ship tobacco?
I can ship tobacco to 45 of the 50 US states. Those states that I cannot ship to for various regulations and restrictions are: Florida, Maine, South Dakota, Utah, and Washington.

Can I still order from The Pipe Nook if I'm in one of the above restricted states? 
If you live in one of the 5 states listed above, the website will not allow online ordering. However, I can still ship pipes and accessories to you! Please call me at 850-610-2032, and I will gladly place your order over the phone!

What is your return/refund policy?
If you're not happy, I'm not happy. Contact me using the Contact page to initiate a return if you're unhappy with your purchase for any reason. Returns can be made within 60 days of the purchase date. Items with functional or cosmetic defects can be returned for a full refund or replacement; this includes pipes which display defects after being smoked. Items you are unhappy with for any other reason must be returned in unused, brand new condition; for pipes, this means the pipe must be unsmoked. Once you reach out to me, I will reply with return instructions.

What methods of payment do you accept?
You can pay using most major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

How is my data handled?
The bottom line is that I will never sell or share your information to anyone for any reason. For a more thorough explanation, you can read more about our privacy policy here.

When will you get more of _______ in stock?
Since I'm a small operation, I sometimes sell out of certain things. I try my best to place re-orders at least monthly, so stay tuned, and be sure to sign up for my email newsletter for updates!

I'm interested in something you don't seem to carry. Will you do special orders?
I realize my selection is a bit limited for more seasoned pipe smokers, although I do believe there's something for everyone here at The Pipe Nook! However, if you are interested in something I don't normally carry, I will do my best to accommodate your request! If it falls within any of the brands I carry, and it's an item still in production, I'm confident I can obtain it. Some other brands are also possible, so feel free to check with me. Special orders require prepayment, so please request an invoice using the form on my contact page. I truly appreciate those of you who go out of your way like this to support The Pipe Nook!

What pipe would you recommend for a new pipe smoker?
The Pipe Nook is designed to be a highly curated selection for the new and nearly new pipe smoker. I only carry brands that I personally use and recommend to friends and family. As such, every brand I carry is what I consider to be "gold standard" products, brands that I feel every collector would do well to have represented in their collection. There's not a pipe on my site that would be "bad" for a new pipe smoker.  However, there are two guidelines I would recommend. I would get a filtered pipe first, as filters help alleviate tongue bite for many, which is the biggest reason people give up on pipe smoking before they really learn how to smoke a pipe. Also, I would recommend that you not spend too much on your first pipe (certainly less than $100), so that if you decide it's not for you at the moment, you can hang onto the pipe and perhaps try again in the  future. And if you decide pipe smoking is absolutely not for you, you're not out too much money.  A great many pipes on my site fall in line with these two recommendations, including pipes by Missouri Meerschaum, Peterson, Rattray's, Rossi, and Savinelli.

What tobaccos would you recommend for a new pipe smoker?
This one is a bit trickier, as it depends upon whether you personally like Aromatics, Virginias, Burleys, Latakia, Perique, etc. Also, are you coming from cigars, cigarettes, or have you never smoked anything before? I'd say that if you really want to get to know what your personal tastes are, you'll need to smoke a handful of different kinds of blends to get your bearings. I wrote a blog titled "What Pipe Tobaccos Should I Smoke?" which can be found here. I go back and update this particular blog from time to time. Keep in mind that if a particular kind of blend bites you more than others, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. For me personally, certain Virginias tend to nip to varying degrees. Try using a pipe filter to see if it helps; pipe filters (particularly charcoal filters) make a world of difference for me!

I'm completely new to pipe smoking, and have no idea how to do this! Can you help?
I wrote a blog titled "Pipe Smoking 101: How to Smoke a Pipe." This is a 1-Page reference guide that you can print out to help get you started, which you can find here.  For those who want to go a bit more in-depth, I created a 25-Part video series on YouTube, which you can find here. It's pretty conversational and low-tech, but I planned it out to be easy to understand and in an order of importance that makes sense, at least to me.  I hope you find it helpful!

How do I become a pipe smoking expert?
You're definitely asking the wrong guy! It took me nearly 20 years to finally "get it," which is why I've created blogs and videos to help you on your way and not waste the kind of time I did. Beyond that, however, I would say that while there are certain universal tips, pipe smoking is a very personal thing, and what works for one person may not work for another.  In addition, pipe smoking is a multi-faceted interest, and I don't think anyone ever truly stops learning. Keep in mind that mistakes are part of the learning process. With pipe smoking, as with many of the best things in life, I strongly believe that the journey is more important than the destination. To me, the middle of the bowl is much more enjoyable than the top or bottom of the bowl. I hope you find as much fulfillment in your times of quiet reflection with your pipe as I do!