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Toscano cigars have been made in Italy since 1818, after the accidental discovery of the fermentation process that is unique to their dry curing. Made of Tuscan and American Dark Fire cured tobaccos, these cigars are hand-rolled, and because of the dry-cured process, do not require storage in a humidor as their more temperamental carribbean-style cousins. Toscano cigars are known as "the friendship cigar" because the larger cigars such as the Classico and Antico sticks can be cut in the middle and shared between two people. Or for a longer smoke, they can be smoked intact. The Toscanello cigars are shorter, pre-cut cigars of the style that were smoked by Clint Eastwood in those much-loved westerns of the 1960's.

I find that Toscano makes the closest cigars on the market to the flavor profile of some pipe tobacco blends, due to their construction of 100% Dark Fired tobaccos, a component in many of my favorite pipe tobaccos. Also, they are well-priced compared to other hand-rolled cigars. And because they are cut at the ends, a cigar punch or cutter is not required. Rustic and flavorful, these cigars have a storied history. And I enjoy them so much that I wanted to share them with my customers!