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New Peterson Army Filter Pipes Now Available at The Pipe Nook!
Peterson's Dublin Filter series, which I've carried for about a year, was the first and only 9mm filtered series available to the US market. But it's apparently been successful enough for Peterson to introduce a second 9mm filtered series in the form of the new Army Filter pipes!

Peterson's Army Filter pipes bring the timeless aesthetic of the popular Irish Made Army series to a 9mm filter arrangement! Specially designed for smokers who prefer the use of traditional 9mm filters and available in smooth Heritage and dark Sandblasted finishes, each pipe is drilled with a 9mm airway and topped with a hand-shaped nickel army mount, allowing the pipe to be disassembled even when hot. This push mount system is a staple of the Peterson brand, and I'm so happy to present these 9mm versions to you!

As with all of the 9mm filtered pipes I carry, these new Army Filter pipes will fit the Peterson, Savinelli, Stanwell, and White Elephant 9mm filters, which I have in stock in the Accessories section. If you struggle with tongue-bite (and I'm among those ranks), I strongly encourage you to try out charcoal filters, which for me personally, completely eradicate the issue! But if filters aren't your thing, these pipes can be smoked without a filter in place, if that's your preference. But it's certainly good to have the option at least for those blends that tend to nip at you.

Keep 'em lit,
Eddie Gray
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