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New Rattray's Pipes at The Pipe Nook: Dark Ale, Kyloe, and The Judge!
This week, I've added new pipes from three Rattray's series: Dark Ale, Kyloe, and The Judge! While Dark Ale and The Judge pipes will become a part of my ongoing Rattray's offerings, Kyloe pipes have been discontinued, so the few I have are all there will be. Here's a bit of info about each of these lines: 

The color of the Dark Ale series is reminiscent of brown ales from England and Scotland. The acrylic mouthpieces have a Cumberland look that is the perfect match for these beautifully dark-stained pipes. Rattray's Kyloe pipes are unique in that they are Canadian pipes with 9mm filtered, saddle stems! In appearance seemingly an extra large Lovat, the combination of long briar shanks and filtered stems make for a pipe that can handle any tobacco you give it, even those that may give you problems with tongue-bite in other pipes. The tall bowl makes for an excellent flake smoker, if you tend to fold and stuff your flakes. And finally, The Judge series of Poker shaped pipes features an aluminum base that is decorated with a laser engraving of Justitia, the Roman goddess of Justice. Perfect for an evening smoke, no matter the trials of the day.

Keep 'em lit,
Eddie Gray
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