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Pipe Accessory Roundup & New Customer Account Feature!
There are a handful of pipe accessories and pipe cleaning products that I've been asked about several times from many of you, and I'm happy to announce that I now have them available! In addition, many of you have wanted to view your previous purchases here at The Pipe Nook, and I've finally found a way to provide that as well! Read on for more information. . .

Many pipe smokers like to protect their pipe stems and their teeth by using soft rubber pipe bits. I've found 2-Packs of these which are made by BJ Long, the makers of my favorite pipe cleaners! I've also found a way to provide metal wind caps, to keep your pipe tobacco in the pipe and to protect your lit tobacco from windy conditions if you smoke while outdoors. I've also partnered with Briarville Pipe Repair & Restoration to provide to you the same pipe care and cleaning products that Rich uses to restore pipes in his shop! This includes No Oxy Stem Oil, Pipe Stem Oxidation Remover, and Pipe Cleaner & Sweetener! You can find these products and more in the Accessories-->Miscellaneous section of the site.

And by popular demand, my customers are now given the option to create an account on the site, which enables you to view your purchase history! There is now a "Log In" option on the site menu, where you can create an account. This will retroactively work for all of your past purchases, provided you create your account using the same email address that you placed on those previous orders. This is a feature that many of you have asked for over the years, and I'm pleased to be able to provide this functionality to you now!

Keep 'em lit,
Eddie Gray
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