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Savinelli Alligator Series Pipes Now Available at The Pipe Nook!
I'm partial to rusticated finishes. I love the tactile nature they provide while smoking. But as much as I love my rusticated finishes, I do sometimes miss the beautiful natural grain patterns found in the briar of smooth finished pipes. Wouldn't it be nice to have both? Ah, but that's just (forgive me) a pipe dream, right? Enter Savinelli Alligator pipes!

The Alligator series dresses some of Savinelli's most popular shapes with a mixed finish of deep rusticated grooves and smooth-polished panels, resulting in a texture and aesthetic much like that of an alligator's hide. It's also one of Savinelli's most colorful series, with deep blues, warm reds, emerald greens, and more understated browns, all matched to their own complementary-colored swirled acrylic stems. I'm partial to the blues and greens myself, but there are so many shapes in all four finish colors that I love! Now that these beauties are here at Pipe Nook HQ, my biggest struggle is keeping myself from adding another 2 or 3 of them to my own personal collection. There's just something unique about these pipes that simply can't be found in any other pipe series, and I'm very happy to finally have them here at The Pipe Nook.

While you're checking out the various Alligator pipes, keep in mind that they will all fit the new Savinelli 6mm charcoal filters, which I have in stock in the Accessories section. As careful as we may be, some of us are just more prone to tongue-bite than others. For those folks (and I'm in that number), Savinelli 6mm charcoal filters can keep these gators from snapping at you by making tongue-bite a thing of the past! If you struggle with tongue-bite, I strongly encourage you to try out charcoal filters. But if filters aren't your thing, all Savinelli pipes can be smoked without a filter in place, if that's your preference.

Keep 'em lit,
Eddie Gray
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