The Pipe Nook

Welcome to The Pipe Nook, your "Virtual Brick & Mortar" shop!  Everything that I carry comes with a personal recommendation from me.  My goal is not to run a Big Box Store that has everything, but rather to be a small shop that carries only "the good stuff," and to offer direct communication between myself and my customers!

You can read more about my pipe smoking journey and the "quality meets value" philosophy that drives this site on the "About" page.  Be sure to check out the Pipe Clubs section, as well as Pipe Smoking Tips and more on the Blog page.

If you don't see the pipe you'd like to purchase, please send me a message using my Contact page. I do my best to fulfill my customers' wishes by placing special orders. If I can get it for you, I will!

In addition, you can sign up below to receive updates for future blogs, new inventory announcements, and special discounts! Please make yourself at home, ask any questions you may have, and enjoy your stay! 

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