PocketJar® Pocket-Sized Tobacco Travel Container

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This fresh alternative to heavy jars and bulky bags maintains tobacco moisture and freshness while traveling. It's made of food-safe plastic with a two-piece, gasketed metal lid. The shatterproof PocketJar blocks UV light and is odor-proof. One PocketJar® holds about three to four bowls of tobacco. The lid features an etching of The Pipe Nook logo!

This is the new, improved version of the Orignal PocketJar® that features Injection Molded Construction to ensure an airtight seal!

Pipe Nook Notes
I was instantly won over when I saw these tobacco travel containers, and knew I needed them for myself as well as my customers! When I’ve traveled in the past, particularly to pipe shows, I’ve taken either glass jars (with the potential to shatter) or pre-opened tobacco tins (with the potential to open and spill into my backpack). Neither of these were optimal, and I wound up with way more tobacco on trips than I needed. A few of these PocketJars lets me carry a small variety of tobacco, free of the worry of breakage or loss. They’re fantastic!


Pocket-sized Tobacco Jar

Choice of 5 Container Colors (see pics)

Fresh Alternative to Heavy Jars and Bulky Bags

Airtight - Maintains Moisture & Freshness

Light Weight - Only weighs 1.1 oz

Odor Proof


Blocks UV

Travel Friendly

Less than 1 Inch Thick

Made of Food Safe Materials

Two-Piece Metal Lid with Gasket

Perfect for Day Trips or Weekend Excursions

Tobacco not included

Not intended for long-term storage

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