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Assembled entirely by hand in Japan, Kiribi lighters combine smart, retro styling with modern improvements in engineering. Innovations such as a dual-flame design, which provides the benefit of a wider, more gentle light for your pipe and a single tank construction of extraordinary fuel capacity. Much as we demand of all things we rely upon every day, that which become dearest to us, the Kiribi construction is meticulous. You can feel it in your hand; a gravitas created by the nickel, steel, and brass serving in all the essential parts. All, save one: the confident snap of the flame-cap is provided by yet another innovation, a spring made of a special polymer even more resistant to fatigue than steel.
The origins of Kiribi lay in the traditional Japanese practice of casting sparks upon a beloved traveler’s back, in order to impart fortune and ward off evil, blessing them on their journey. The practice hearkens back to the famous 8th century legend of Prince Yamatotakeru, and the aunt who gifted him the firestone and striker which saved his life along perilous travels. In time, the same simple tool kit that was used to perform the original Kiribi came to be used by the countryfolk of Japan to light their pipes; and thus the inspiration for the Kiribi line. Every spark, whether it is struck for a pipe or a cigar, sets us upon a little journey of our own; and a little extra good fortune can't hurt.