Missouri Meerschaum Pipes Now Available at The Pipe Nook!

Missouri Meerschaum Pipes Now Available at The Pipe Nook!

Posted by Eddie Gray on Mar 19th 2016

The Pipe Nook is pleased to present the newest addition to our shop:  Missouri Meershcaum Corn Cob Pipes!  These pipes have been made in Washington, Missouri since 1869 and are as American as Baseball and Apple Pie!  There is simply no more affordable way to get into pipe smoking.  Yes, they're rustic, and no they won't impress many of your poker buddies.  But don't think that takes anything away from the quality smoke these pipes offer.  Many pipe smokers enjoy smoking their cob pipes as much as, if not more than, any other pipes in their collection.  I know, because I'm one of them!

Corn cob pipes offer a slightly sweeter smoke than briars, and boast many benefits that their Briar counterparts simply can't.  First, they're cheap enough to not have to worry so much about losing them, breaking them, leaving them in the car, etc.  Plus, they're practically self-cleaning, since the bowl slowly burns out rather than forming a cake.  Add to that the fact that they don't suffer ghosting (retaining strong flavors of previous tobacco blends) the way briars tend to.  Plus, they're lightweight.  They smoke cooler and drier than many other pipes.  And they last much longer than many give them credit for--I know I've smoked one of mine at least a hundred times, and it just keeps giving me pleasant smoke after smoke.

If you've never tried a Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob and you enjoy pipe smoking, you owe it to yourself.  And if you're on the fence about spending a ton of money to try out this whole pipe smoking thing, you just can't get a better pipe for any less money.

Keep 'em lit,

Eddie Gray