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New Pipe Accessories from Peterson, Savinelli and More!

New Pipe Accessories from Peterson, Savinelli and More!

Posted by Eddie Gray on Jan 24th 2021

I'm very excited about these new accessories now available at The Pipe Nook!

First, I've started stocking Peterson pipe lighters and 2-Pipe pouches, as well as their Sherlock Holmes Pewter Pipe Tamper! Peterson Pipe Lighters are classy and reliable, made from quality materials and come with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty against defects! And the Peterson classic 2-pipe pouch is made of high quality leather to accommodate 2 of your favorite pipes on-the-go! Finally, the Peterson Sherlock Holmes pewter pipe tamper is a beautiful tool for those days that you're pondering over what the illustrious sleuth would call a "three pipe problem."

In addition, I'm very pleased to now carry charcoal filters from Peterson, Savinelli, and White Elephant! These new offerings are every bit as efficient to mitigate excess moisture and alleviate tongue-bite as the Stanwell filters I've carried for years, but I'm very happy to now offer all four of these brands! Various companies at times sell out, so now you'll always have alternative options. In addition, while all four of these brands have 9mm versions of their charcoal filters, Savinelli and White Elephant also offer 6mm versions! As a filtered pipe smoker myself, these filters are essential for me to get the very best, most enjoyable smoke possible.

Stay tuned for more new offerings here at The Pipe Nook! As I celebrate 5 years in business, I plan to make 2021 the best year ever for my "Pipe Nook Pals!"

Keep 'em lit, 

Eddie Gray