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New Rossi Mezzanotte Pipes Now Available at The Pipe Nook!

New Rossi Mezzanotte Pipes Now Available at The Pipe Nook!

Posted by Eddie Gray on Apr 30th 2023

I know I just featured the Rossi Sitting series recently, but Rossi has once again impressed me with the new Mezzanotte series, now available here at The Pipe Nook! Mezzanotte means "Midnight" in Italian, and it's easy enough to see why, with their jet black stain and ebony-colored stems.

These are a fine addition to the Rossi stable, and a worthy replacement for the Vittoria series, which is now discontinued. While I couldn't argue with the price of the Vittoria series, there were two items of note that weren't my cup of tea: First, they were unfiltered, and second they had Vulcanite stems, whereas my preference is filtered Acrylic stems. And as if Rossi were reading my mail, they introduced the Mezzanotte series with a similar black-stained rustication, and sleek black non-oxidizing Acrylic stems that are (mostly) 6mm filtered! I say mostly, because this series will have a rotating list of shapes, and this first batch of 19 shapes has one (the 8801) that is non-filtered.

I couldn't be happier to present these Mezzanotte pipes to my Pipe Nook customers at an impressively affordable $58. Now that's what I call a budget-friendly, feature-rich workhorse pipe! Grab 'em before Savinelli decides to ask their Rossi counterparts what the heck they're thinking! :)

Keep 'em lit,
Eddie Gray