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Pipe Nook Picks - Rossi Sitting Pipes

Pipe Nook Picks - Rossi Sitting Pipes

Posted by Eddie Gray on Apr 21st 2023

Made in Italy by Savinelli, Rossi pipes aren't typically given the attention they deserve. They are held to the same quality standards of pricier Savinelli pipes, and smoke every bit as well, although typically with a simpler style.

My favorite series in the Rossi line is their Sitting pipes, which feature black Acrylic stems and a uniformly light rustication with a dark reddish stain. I love the fact that they are slightly leveled on either the bottom of the bowl exterior, the shank, or both, to allow them to sit on their own if a pipe stand isn't handy. This is a unique feature not only to Rossi, but to Savinelli as well.

Aside from that, there are some shapes in this line that aren't used by either Rossi or Savinelli very often. These shapes include the 8644 Bent Brandy, Rossi's rendition of Savinelli's 644 shape, and one of my very favorites. This shape is typically reserved for higher-priced Savinelli series, and not much even then, so to find it here in the Rossi Sitting series is a treat! For those who prefer a slightly longer and more gradually tapered stem over the 644's saddle stem, the 8645 is also here. Other uncommon shapes in the Sitting line include the 8636 (a slightly beefier version of the 626 bent Apple), the 8701 Lovat, and many more. Check out these beauties in the Rossi Section of the site!

Keep 'em lit,
Eddie Gray