The Pipe Nook is Now Open For Business!

The Pipe Nook is Now Open For Business!

Posted by Eddie Gray on Feb 28th 2016

The day has finally come--The Pipe Nook is officially underway!  It has taken much to get here, and I can't tell you how excited I am to finally be at this point, and able to offer you the caliber of smoking instruments that we have available!  There are many more pipe brands, series and shapes to come in the near future, but I'm pleased to begin with the pipes that really kick-started my own pipe smoking journey:  Savinelli.

The first pipe that got me to fall in love with pipe smoking after many previous attempts, was the venerable Savinelli 320.  I'd literally never had a smoke like that before.  Since then, my love and appreciation for Savinelli pipes has only deepened, and I think it's fitting that I start with 3 of the most tried and true series in the expansive Savinelli lineup:  Bing's Favorite, Roma, and Trevi.  

I know you can buy your pipes at any number of online retailers, and have so much more of a selection that it would literally make your head spin.  But that's not what the Pipe Nook is about.  Every pipe brand, line, shape and finish that I carry is cherry-picked to help both the brand new pipe smoker and the burgeoning pipe collector in their decision-making process.  I will only carry pipe brands and lines that I can personally stand behind.  As I'm writing this, I'm contentedly puffing on one of my favorite pipes, a Roma 623.  In short, I've done all kinds of analyzing, comparing and obsessing, so you don't have to.  These pipes are the best quality and value offered today, and I can't wait to help you find either that perfect first pipe, or the next treasured piece in your collection.

So welcome! Poke around, make yourself at home, and tell me what you think! 

Keep 'em lit,

Eddie Gray, Owner
The Pipe Nook, LLC