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BriarWorks Bacon Old Fashioned

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Bourbon, citrus, and smoky Dark-Fired Kentucky make this blend perfect for sippin'. Flavors of oranges, whiskey, and smokiness from the Dark Fired Kentucky combine for an Aromatic blend unlike any you've ever experienced.

Pipe Nook Notes
Of course, the main question is, "does it taste like bacon?" And the resounding answer is no. An Old Fashioned is a mixed drink typically consisting of whiskey, sugar, bitters, water, with a garnishment of an orange slice and/or cocktail cherry. A southern twist on the Old Fashioned recipe, the Bacon Old Fashioned adds to the mix flavors of smoked bacon fat by "washing" the whiskey with bacon. What this tobacco blend offers is a flavor profile reminiscent of the cocktail of its namesake, blending flavors of whiskey, orange, and the smokiness of smoked bacon, which comes from the Dark Fired Kentucky. If you come to this blend looking for the taste of bacon, you'll be disappointed, as nothing tastes quite like bacon except for the genuine article. But if you come with the knowledge of the mixed drink, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at what this blend has to offer!

Manufactured By: Cornell & Diehl
Country of Manufacture: United States
Blend Type: Aromatic
Contents: Virginia, Dark Fired Kentucky, Black Cavendish, Burley
Flavoring: Citrus, Whiskey
Cut: Ribbon
Packaging: Glass Canning Jar
Net Weight: 2 oz.