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Denicool Filter Crystals

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Denicool Filter Crystals absorb excess condensation while you smoke The result is a cooler and drier smoke! They always provide an easy draw and are simple and easy to use with any pipe. Denicool crystals save money, no more wasted tobacco at the bottom of the bowl. Pour a few Denicool crystals into the bottom of your pipe bowl, and fill in your favorite tobacco on top. After smoking, just empty the whole contents of the pipe.
Pipe Nook Notes
These filter crystals are made in Germany of silicate crystals, and are intended for use with unfiltered pipes as a filtering solution. They work fairly well, and you can see after smoking that they are discolored just like a standard filter, indicating that they also absorb some impurities from the smoke in addition to excess moisture. I would always recommend a filtered pipe, but these are useful for any unfiltered pipes you may have. One box will work for several bowls, but varies depending on how many or few you decide to use.