Missouri Meerschaum Old Dominion Williamsburg Clay Pipe

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The Missouri Meerschaum Old Dominion Williamsburg Clay Pipe is a faithful reproduction of an early 18th century English clay pipe. Fragments of the original colonial-era pipe found on the Old Dominion farm were scanned using a 3D printer, “re-assembled” by computer-aided design (CAD), and reverse engineered to make a master mold with 3D print technology for this clay pipe. They are fashioned from non-toxic, commercially produced clay, and bisque fired, as were the originals. In order to keep the pipes historically-accurate, the pipe stems are not glazed.
The Williamsburg is named in honor of the renowned 18th century capital of the Virginia Colony (1699-1780). This shorter stemmed version would have been the constant companion for colonial travelers throughout the Colonies as well as British Redcoats and colonial militia on campaign needing a shorter stemmed pipe that was readily compact and less prone to breakage unlike the longer stemmed tavern pipes. It is a great smoker for the tobacco pipe enthusiast or simply as a keepsake souvenir for those interested in the history of Colonial America.
Filter Type: Non-Filtered
Material: Clay
Length: 7.0 in.
Bowl height: 1.4 in.
Chamber diameter: 0.6 in.
Chamber depth: 1.5 in.