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Peterson Army Filter 338 Sandblasted Fishtail (9mm Filtered)

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Combining the classic aesthetic of the popular Irish Made Army line with the utility of a 9mm filter arrangement, Peterson's Army Filter series is the perfect choice for those who want to experience the history and tradition of Peterson pipes but prefer to enjoy their pipes with 9mm filters. Available in smooth and sandblasted finishes with Acrylic stems, each pipe features a broad, hand-shaped nickel army mount, allowing the pipe to be disassembled for cleaning even while still hot, without risking cracks or damage to the mortise. Rugged and utilitarian, this sandblasted model showcases Peterson's tall-bowled 338 Bent Billiard design.
Pipe Nook Notes
This is a 9mm Filtered pipe, which is my preferred method of pipe filtration and the one that I always recommend for the first-time pipe smoker, or to those who struggle with the issue of tongue-bite. It is designed to use 9mm charcoal filters, but if your preference is the Savinelli 9mm balsa filters, they will fit, with a bit of friendly nudging. However, Savinelli 9mm adapter inserts will not fit into the tenons of Peterson pipes. If filters aren't your thing, they can just as easily be smoked without a filter in place.
Origin: Ireland
Basic Shape: Bent Billiard
Bowl Material: Briar
Stem Material: Acrylic
Mouthpiece Type: Fishtail
Finish: Sandblasted
Filter Type: 9mm
Length (Standing): 4.75 in.
Length (End-to-End): 5.0 in.
Bowl Height: 1.7 in.
Bowl Interior Depth: 1.35 in.
Bowl Exterior Diameter at Rim: 1.2 in.
Bowl Exterior Diameter at Waist: 1.3 in.
Bowl Interior Diameter at Rim: 0.675 in.
Weight: 1.4 oz.