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Savinelli Alligator Blue 311 KS

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The Savinelli 311 KS is a smart Poker shape with immense chamber capacity lent to its canted bowl structure, yet without the considerable weight typically associated with this shape. With the novel Alligator series, Savinelli offers their signature designs with an alligator-hide style mixed smooth/rusticated finish, and in a variety of colors, such as the rich royal blue presented here.

Pipe Nook Notes

Despite the flat bottom, the 311 is not guaranteed to be a freestanding sitter.



Origin: Italy

Basic Shape: Poker

Bowl Material: Briar

Stem Material: Blue Swirled Acrylic

Finish: Smooth & Rusticated (Mixed)

Filter Type: 6mm

Length: 5.0 in.

Bowl Height: 1.85 in.

Bowl Interior Depth: 1.4 in.

Bowl Exterior Diameter at Rim: 1.5 in.

Bowl Exterior Diameter at Waist: 1.5 in.

Bowl Interior Diameter at Rim: 0.8 in.

Weight: 1.7 oz.