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Savinelli Alligator Red 606 KS

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The 606 KS bent Billiard is one of the most familiar and venerated shapes in the Savinelli lineup, even having been used in the heralded 125th Anniversary series. With the novel Alligator series, Savinelli offers their signature designs with an alligator-hide style mixed smooth/rusticated finish, and in a variety of colors, such as the vibrant red presented here.



Origin: Italy

Basic Shape: Bent Billiard

Bowl Material: Briar

Stem Material: Red Swirled Acrylic

Finish: Smooth & Rusticated (Mixed)

Filter Type: 6mm

Length (Standing): 5.75 in.

Length (End-to-End): 6.0 in.

Bowl Height: 2.0 in.

Bowl Interior Depth: 1.7 in.

Bowl Exterior Diameter at Rim: 1.35 in.

Bowl Exterior Diameter at Waist: 1.55 in.

Bowl Interior Diameter at Rim: 0.8 in.

Weight: 1.7 oz.