Savinelli Miele 642 Rusticated

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Among Savinelli's most popular and evocative series, the Miele pairs a range of classic Italian shapes with unique honeycomb-patterned acrylic stems, and each pipe in the line features a chamber infused with honey extract for a sweet-smoking break-in period. Moreover, all Miele pipes come complete with a wooden tamper shaped to resemble a honey dipper, completing the evocative presentation. This compact 642 Bent Apple is offered in the line's Rusticated finish, featuring rich, ruby-tinged brown stain and a pleasantly tactile, low-profile rustication.



Origin: Italy

Basic Shape: Bent Apple

Bowl Material: Briar

Stem Material: Patterned Acrylic

Finish: Rusticated

Filter Type: 6mm

Length: 5.25 in.

Bowl Height: 1.45 in.

Bowl Interior Depth: 1.2 in.

Bowl Exterior Diameter at Rim: 1.2 in.

Bowl Exterior Diameter at Waist: 1.6 in.

Bowl Interior Diameter at Rim: 0.75 in.

Weight: 1.9 oz.