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Savinelli Pipe Tamper - Arancia Orange

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Pipe tampers are an important part of any collection, and they're a necessary part of any pipe smoking experience, keeping the fingers from touching hot embers and keeping those hot embers contained within the pipe. This line of Savinelli tampers is a stylish and affordable series that boasts a streamlined design paired with expressive color palettes. The main fuselage of the tamper is acrylic, and the tamping head is a brassy metal with a pinched base for enhanced maneuverability. Shown here in Arancia mottled orange acrylic.

Pipe Nook Notes
These Savinelli tampers are smaller than most, even about a half-inch shorter in length than a standard Czech tool or pipe nail. This makes them fantastic for travel or for carrying in a pocket, but they are also great for those who prefer smaller tampers.

Brand: Savinelli
Length: 2.5 in.
Width of Shaft: .38 in.
Width of Foot: 0.4 in.
Weight: 0.4 oz. 
Material: Metal/Acrylic