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Savinelli Trevi 310 KS Smooth

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The 310 KS is a large-chambered Poker with a slightly angled Cherrywood-like heel. A great desk pipe, it's finished in a warm walnut stain and topped with a smart nickel accent displaying an aqueduct motif — a tribute to the smooth-flowing water systems that fed Rome and the famous Trevi fountain for generations.
Pipe Nook Notes
Some Trevi's come with pre-carbonated bowls, and some with unfinished bowls. Despite the flat bottom, the 310 KS is too long to be a sitter.
Origin: Italy
Basic Shape: Poker
Bowl Material: Briar
Stem Material: Acrylic
Finish: Smooth/Polished
Filter Type: 6mm
Length: 5.5 in.
Bowl Height: 1.85 in.
Bowl Interior Depth: 1.45 in.
Bowl Exterior Diameter at Rim: 1.4 in.
Bowl Exterior Diameter at Waist: 1.45 in.
Bowl Interior Diameter at Rim: 0.825 in.
Weight: 1.8 oz.