Two Friends Redwood

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A mixture for Virginia lovers. Starting with naturally sweet Red and stoved Red Virginia tobaccos, enough Perique is added to provide some body and spice things up a bit, and the blend is finished with a pinch of unflavored Black Cavendish. The color is reminiscent of the hues of a redwood forest; the aroma is as pleasing as a walk in the woods after a gentle spring rain.

Pipe Nook Notes
Redwood is a treat to the senses for Virginia lovers and Perique lovers alike. The mixture is such that it's inherently gentle sweetness tricks me into thinking that it must have some sort of aromatic topping, but by all accounts, it is a non-aromatic blend. Thus, it could be a bridge blend for aromatic smokers who are looking over the fence for a good starter non-aromatic blend to try, or for non-aromatic smokers in search of something just a little off the beaten path.

Manufactured By: Cornell & Diehl
Country of Manufacture: United States
Blend Type: Non-Aromatic
Contents: Virginia, Perique, Black Cavendish
Flavoring: Non-Aromatic
Cut: Ribbon
Packaging: Can/Tin
Net Weight: 2 oz.